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Selling a company or a business is one of the most important decisions a enterpreneur or a group of partners might face. It can occurr by plenty of motives:

  • Relationship between partners;
  • Unfavourable financial situation;
  • Crisis;
  • Change of strategy;
  • Succession;
  • Market opportunity.

During this process the secrecy of the operation is fundamental towards the colaborators, clients and suppliers. It is also very important to establish a adequate value for the sell of the company, since there are adequate techniques to find a fair value for both parts - seller-buyer.

In this point PROINVEST establishes a fundamental support to our client, in a way to establish a equitative value, in a professional and competitive process, maximizing the amount of commercialization from his company or business.

Beyond a financial and economic analysis service, PROINVEST offers yet juridical support in every phase of the process.

Selling a company or a business is fundamentally based in:

  • Preparing the company to be sold (documents, evaluation and structure);
  • Financial analysis, in order to get to the final price;
  • Company presentation and remaining information to the investor (buyer), presenting all the advantages in acquiring the same, thus optimizing the value;
  • Support in the final phase of the selling negotiation.

With our professional support and the hiring of our services, together with the specialized juridical services support, our client will manage to commercialize his business, company, asset or business project at the best market value.

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